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Radius/Proximity Search in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Imagine a Sales representative Tony is on the field attending his scheduled appointments. His meeting successfully wraps up beforehand and Tony has spare time before his work hours for the day end. To aid the business further, he decides to look for the availability of customers near him, to fix an appointment, attend it, and retire for the day. This is where he uses Proximity/Radius search in MS Dynamics 365 CRM on his Current location for the given distance. This enables him to visualize the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM data using Maplytics by either distance or time.

Radius Search within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM allows filtering of records within a given Proximity/Radius on the map in Dynamics 365 CRM at a specified circumference around the current location. Tony can thus, search the client records in Dynamics 365 CRM data with the category ‘expected revenue’ in the proximity of say, two miles by using Radius search in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. This will plot data within the radius sorted by the Revenue category. Tony also has the option to view the shortest travel distance along with the line-of-sight (straight line) distance. He can select the strongest prospect from the categorized data and save travel time on the map in Dynamics 365. However, the crux arises in the absence of any existing, potential, or available client around the current location of a field rep. Let us see how Tony could deal with such a situation.

In such a case, Tony can explore further by doing a Concentric Proximity Search on Dynamics 365 CRM data. Using this extended feature of Radius Search in MS Dynamics 365, he can input up to three radii and search the client records under the category of ‘expected revenue’ within the reach of the three radii values. Concentric proximity highlights the data zone in distinct colors for different radii. To view the distance of various CRM records from the current location Tony needs to hover over the pushpins of the plotted records. This enables him to do a relative analysis of Dynamics CRM data and choose the area with maximum revenue and minimum distance or whatever suits his plan at that moment.

Radius/ Proximity Search thus empowers Tony’s decision-making, making him feel independent, utilizing his time and efforts efficiently, and ultimately aiding the business along with the client within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.


Radius Search feature of Maplytics allows you to plot records in certain proximity or concentric proximities for Dynamics 365 CRM data.

Maplytics allows you to locate Dynamics 365 CRM records that lie in the shortest travel distance from your current location.

Proximity Search feature of Maplytics allows you to locate records that lie within a certain travel time from reference location in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Yes, with Maplytics you can view the line-of-sight distance from point of reference selected in Dynamics 365 data.

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